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Teeth Whitening for Special Occasions

Many people first think about whitening their teeth when a special event is on the horizon. Perhaps it is a wedding, graduation, or an upcoming dream vacation. The holidays are also a popular time to think about improving your smile. With teeth whitening for special occasions so popular, certain times of the yearbook up quickly […]

Healthy Eating Habits to Protect Your Teeth

Healthy eating habits contribute to your overall health and wellness, but did you know eating the right foods in the right way can also protect your teeth and gums? Your oral health is dramatically affected by what, how, and when you eat and drink. Certain foods that are healthy for your body may also contribute […]

5 Reasons to Eat Pumpkin During Flu Season

We are eight months into the pandemic and studies are saying our executive functioning skills are overloaded, and our surge capacity to adapt in stressful situations has maxed out. We’re exhausted but still longing for healthy habits. What’s helping you right now? What’s getting you through? For many of us, it’s helpful tips or simple […]

Why Smiling Is Good for Your Health

Do you smile often? What is it that keeps you from proudly flaunting those pearly whites more frequently? If you were guaranteed that smiling, and even laughing, could drastically improve your health, would you set goals and intentionally work it into your health and fitness regimen? The truth is smiling is one of the very […]

5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

 If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. –Benjamin Franklin Healthy eating doesn’t just happen. As we take our marks along the holiday season starting line, what’s in your sights? How will you eat your way through a marathon of festivities and packed schedules? What can you do to ensure a victory in […]